The Dorset Wrecks

Songs of the sea and other historic songs

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Dorset Wrecks have a lot of gigs lined up for August and September but in the meantime we are available and we will be doing further sea shanty busks but being busks we are not allowed to say where or when they will be if on public land. Dorset Wrecks are a group of 12 people with ages ranging from 77 down to a 57yo youngster, the average being 68.8 years. We have all had 2 jabs and luckily we have all survived Covid. Of course being in music and growing up in the 70s we lead a rock and roll lifestyle of drink and drugs in that we drink copious amounts of Wincarnis and take a range of drugs, such as metformin, ramipril, beta blockers etc. We all met at a slimming club but as you can see some of us fell by the wayside.

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